Who is Mariposa?

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Mari Velasquez better known as Mariposa Haynes, is a licensed cosmetologist, hair stylist and a professional working makeup artist with training and mentoring under her belt from Bridgette Washington, one of the best celebrity makeup artist in Dallas Texas. She attends regular training classes and workshops in the likes of Kevin James Bennett (2 times Emmy winner makeup artist) AJ Crimson (founder of AJ Crimson Cosmetics and Marlena Stell (founder of Geek Cosmetics) and several professionals local makeup artists, to stay abreast the latest hair and makeup trends while staying true to the professional aspect of the beauty industry. Mariposa has participated in countless, bridal parties, weddings, quineañeras, fashion shows and photoshoots in Dallas, she also extends her services to private clients for their private events in the DFW metroplex, she's also available to travel.

Mariposa feels blessed to have met fellow artists in the beauty industry or people in general from whom she has learned a skill or lesson that's made her a better artist and person.

Mariposa believes that every person possesses a special gift, that everybody has a dream they want to achieve, we just need to go for it 100%.

" Nothing comes easy, and what's easy doesn't last long, whatever your dream is, do it with love and passion so you dont have to work a day in your life".

"I love makeup, fashion and everything that exudes glamour, elegance, and femininity. Every woman should wear makeup, a pair of high heels and feel sexy. Let me be your personal makeup artist and help you celebrate you"