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A $100 booking fee is required to reserve the date and it’s non refundable 
A deposit of $150 is required and needs be paid the day of booking the date, the amount of the deposit will be deducted from the package chosen. 
ABbyM can not reserve a date without the booking and deposit fee.
A minimum of $300 worth of services rendered is required to book ABbyM
ABbyM has a mileage fee of $25 for the first 45 miles round trip and .58 cents for each additional mile thereafter 
Our artists work passionately,  creating customized looks for our brides,  helping them feel confident,  sexy and the best version of themselves on their special day.
Experience Mariposa’s Beauty Morph 
“The Butterfly Effect”

Artistic Beauty

Greetings and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  We love everything beauty especially weddings. We enjoy meeting our couples and being part of their special day.  We strive to make your day stress free and the most enjoyable.  Our artists have been in the b beauty industry for 30+ years combined and our goal is to make each couple special day a memory that will last a lifetime. 

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