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You can also format charts in Excel to make them more appealing to users. Below you can see how Outline Border, on cells A9 to D9, and Inline Border, on cells A10 to D10, have been implemented in the Format Cells dialog box. When you make any changes, you can preview the formatting, in the text box shown above, before actually implementing those changes in your sheet. Let’s explain few settings with the help of an example.

Use this option to reset borders before adding new ones. Before you apply borders, you may want to turn off the gridlines that appear by default in Excel. This will make it easier to see the borders you create. You can turn off gridlines by unchecking Gridlines on the Layout tab of the ribbon.

To revert to the default border styles, select Line Color and choose Automatic and then select Line Style and choose the thin line at the top of the list . If you want a cell border in your sheet that’s outside of the predefined options, you can easily draw borders in Excel any way you like. Alt+V If cells in multiple columns are selected, apply or remove the vertical divider. Many Excel shortcuts are longer than those for other programs.

apply the top and double bottom border

Each border that you add or change will follow the current settings for the line style and thickness. So, be sure to choose the line color and style first, and then select the border type. Sometimes Excel worksheets can be difficult to read because of dense information and complex structure. You have to select the cells or ranges before using borders. I select these two non-contiguous ranges . You can use the Border command in the Homeribbon, or you can use the Format Cells dialog box to use borders around a cell or a range.

Using this pencil icon, you can draw borders around cells or ranges. I click and hold my mouse, then I start from a corner and when I reach another corner, the border is applied to the whole range. If I select Draw Border Grid instead of Draw Border, one difference is the mouse pointer. This time pencil icon comes with a rectangular box, the box has inside borders. The format cells dialog box appears with theBorder tab activated.

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For that, choose the desired line thickness from the Style area and red color from the Color section. The names for these borders are quite indicative. Try them to see how they change the look of your cells, and you can also use them while formatting your next spreadsheets. Just like columns, you can separate different rows from each other or individual cells in consecutive rows. You’ll have to follow the same process with varying selections of cells. Here, adding a Bottom Border to column 3 from cells A3 to D3 helps separate the actual data in columns 4 to 7 from main field names in column 3.

Copy and paste these styles with Excel’s Format Painter tool. Right-click and then select “Format Cells” from the popup menu. When the Format Cells window appears, select the Border Over-the-Counter tab. Next select your line style and the borders that you wish to draw. In this example, we’ve chosen a double line across the bottom and a single line on the top and sides.

In our example, we will choose 24 to make the text larger. Hi – I’m Dave Bruns, and I run Exceljet with my wife, Lisa. Our goal is to help you work faster in Excel. We create short videos, and clear examples of formulas, functions, pivot tables, conditional formatting, and charts.Read more. The easiest way to apply a border to a range of cells in Microsoft Excel is to use the border tool from the ribbon’s Font tab.

However, the color is subsequently set to green. When Excel displays Cell A1 it will display the final state of the Format which in this case will be the color green. The default Excel 2007+ cell format is Calibri 11 with all other properties off. In general the key/value interface is more flexible and clearer than the object method and is the recommended method for setting format properties. However, both methods produce the same result. You can also use Thick Box Border, this will apply the thick border around the ranges.

apply the top and double bottom border

You see a black and thin bottom border is added to both ranges. Select “Outside Borders” to select a 0.25 point line around the selected cells, or “Thick Box Border” to select a heavier stroke. You can change the “line styles” of the border. You can also select “Draw Borders” to draw borders manually with your mouse. To apply a border, first select the cells you’d like to add borders to.

With the Draw Border tools, you can choose a line style and color, apply a border grid to a block of cells, and erase individual lines with ease. Note that Excel will only apply this thicker bottom border to the bottom-most row of selected cells. From the popup menu to open the Format Cells dialog box.

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To fill the entire column with the contents of the upper cell, press Ctrl + Shift + Down to select all cells below, and then press Ctrl + D . Giving a border in any data table is very important. We must provide the border after every work so that the data set can be bound. These types of double borders are majorly used in underlining the headlines or important texts. Always keep it simple and adjust borders as needed to make data easier to understand for users. Ignore a lot of colors and thick borders, as they will distract the users.

  • Below you will have a few examples of how your Excel borders may look like.
  • To quickly insert and remove cell borders, Excel provides a couple of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Our goal is to help you work faster in Excel.
  • The remaining rows will default to their original format, which is a single border on top and a double border on the bottom.

In your excel the data starts from C5 WHERE AS c4 IS Header.. This Excel Shortcut adds or removes the Right Border. This Excel Shortcut adds or removes the Bottom Border. This Excel Shortcut adds or removes the Top Border.

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Click the OK button to apply this custom border. It says cell A3 has no borders, and cell A4 would have a top border. OK, let’s park the question of how this data gets into the spreadsheet, for a moment.

apply the top and double bottom border

With a handful of options available in the Format Cells Border area, you can have more control while formatting the cells more effectively. Remember that borders are added to your existing selection. So, once you add a border, it stays there while adding one or more new single side borders to the same selection. In the Presets or Border section, select your existing border type. On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click the style you’ve created.

Generally, cell borders are used to accent a specific section of a spreadsheet to make it stand out. For example, you can insert a border to draw attention of viewers to totals double top and double bottom or other important data on the sheet. The tutorial shows how to border cells in Excel by using the predefined options and how to create your custom cell border style.

How To Remove A Cell Border In Excel

Borders are the boxes formed by lines in the cell in Excel. By keeping borders, we can frame any data and provide them with a proper define limit. To distinguish specific values, outline summarized values or separate data in ranges of cells; you can add a border around cells. Now, you know how each border setting can help you format the cells. Let’s remove all existing borders and apply different settings to the whole dataset in one go.

When creating a workbook in the workplace, you’ll want to select a font that is easy to read. Along with Calibri, standard reading fonts include Cambria, Times New Roman, and Arial. @zybroxz – it won’t have room to show double border if it’s only 1px. To apply the border, you can either click the buttons for each option, or click directly in the border preview area.

You don’t need to necessarily post data, maybe just a list will do, something like this . For accessing Borders, go to Home and select the option as shown in the below Famous traders screenshot under the Font section. Click OK, and in one go, you will format your entire dataset in one go. Doing this will assign a bottom border to cells A3 to D3.

Shortcuts For Format Cells Dialog

The Outline preset places a border around the outside edge of currently selected cells. Then you will see the custom border with horizontal borders only is added to the selected range at once. Select the first row in the specific range where you will add horizontal borders only. We have seen the basic function and use for all kinds of borders and how to create those in the previous example. Now we will see an example where we will choose and implement different Borders and see how those Borders in any table or data can be framed. The Fourth section has a customized border section, where we can draw or create a border as per our need or make changes in the existing border type.

Adding borders to your cells gives you more control over the appearance of your cell boundaries. You can apply borders on any of your cell sides, and you can choose the color for the borders. Adding borders around cells is a common formatting task.

How To Add Horizontal Borders Only In Specific Range In Excel?

As you want the border to be across all four sides, select right, left, top, and bottom from the border alignment option below Presets section. Once you select these options, you’ll see a preview, as shown below. You can select the line thickness you want in the borderline, change its color, and align the borders across different locations around the selected cell. Below you can see that adding Left Border across cells D3 to D7 separates data in rows C and D. Single side borders are helpful while separating the information across consecutive rows and columns. In a spreadsheet, borders make it easier to distinguish the beginnings and endings of datasets and highlight important information.

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